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AAS Forum (

If you are a member of AAS then why not join the forum.  

This group is not a public forum, but is open to any AAS member.  The group site contains the AAS message board where you can find out about planned (and impromptu!) observing sessions, upload photographs and discuss astronomical subjects.  The site contains full details about how to find our dark sky site in Midmar.

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AAS members are expected to abide by the Rules of the AAS Constitution, which can be viewed by clicking here.

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Privacy Notice

A Privacy Notice for the Aberdeen Astronomical Society can be viewed here (.docx file)

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Membership Form

A membership form for joining or renewing membership of the society (a new form must be filled in each year) can be downloaded from here (.docx file)..

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Cromwell Tower Observatory (former meeting place for AAS)

More information about the Cromwell Well Observatory can be found on the CTO Homepage, including information about the operation of the CTO's 10" LX200 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope.   (LX200 Instruction Manual - Meade)

AAS is extremely grateful to the University of Aberdeen, Department of Physics for the past use of the CTO.

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AAS Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month is no longer active.  However if you have an interesting picture or photo please send it through to the AAS President or Web Administrator (David Richards) and we can probably put in up on the Gallery Page or even on the Home Page if it's particularly topical.

Historic photo's of the Month from 2005-2006 appear here

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AAS Members' Sites

Phil Hart
David Richards
Torcuill Torrance  
Nick Bramhall

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Dark Sky Site

AAS has access to a dark sky site in the Midmar area.  For details see the aberdeenastro Yahoo! Group or speak with a committee member.

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Future Observatory :   In the future, we may wish to build an observatory somewhere.   AAS members wanting to get involved in this project should join the aberdeenastro Yahoo! Group specially set up for the purpose.  


Astronomical History of the Aberdeen area :   A web page to record information on the history of astronomy in the Aberdeen area :   

Astronomical History of the Aberdeen area  

Please contact David Richards if you have have any suggestions or information leads. 


History of ADAS/AAS :   A web page to record information on the history of ADAS / AAS. 

ADAS / AAS History 

Please contact David Richards if you have have any suggestions or information leads. 


Website  :   Website is having a refresh in Early March (contact David Richards for more information)

Observing the night sky from 
around the "Granite City"

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All photographs on this website are the copyright of AAS members.  Please contact AAS before using them.