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Gallery Pictures

Here are some photographs take by AAS members in recent years. Click each thumbnail to see the full-size picture, then use your Web browser's Back button to return to this page.  All photographs on this website are the copyright of AAS members.  Please contact AAS before using them.



Aurora in NE Scotland (2014-02-27)

Aurora on evening of 27th February 2014.  Panorama of northern sky generated from  fisheye image taken with Starlight Oculus All Sky Camera. 
Picture by AAS Member David Richards 
(videos and more pictures from this aurora night)

Supernova 2014J in M82 (2014-Jan-23)

Discovered on 21st Jan 2014 by Steve Fossey and a team of students at UCL London, supernova 2014J in M82 (Ursa Major) is the brightest and closest supernova for 20 years.   The image above was taken by AAS Member David Richards 2.2 days after the discovery. The supernova is indicated by the white markers.(Mag +10.9)  

Venus Transit (2012-Jun-06)

These are some photos of my Transit of Venus experience in Orkney. They aren't stunning but the conditions were difficult with strong Easterly winds and almost 95% cloud cover. Pictures include some of our equipment and viewing position in a small gully near the Gloup, Mull Head to give us a bit of shelter. In one of the shots of my cardboard Solarscope, you can see we've had to weigh it down and surround it with stones to try and keep it from blowing away - as improvised by Roddy!

The PST picture was an improvised hand-held shot just to see if it would turn out. So far I haven't been able to get my web-cam to work but in the conditions I'd have been wary of having a laptop set up. Some of the others show the 2 small strips of clear sky that we had and how the remaining clouds resulted in a beautiful sunrise even if that meant we didn't see any more of the transit. 
   Karen Yuill. 


(further pictures of the transit taken by AAS Member  Phil Hart viewing from Leipzig, Germany can be seen here )

Noctilucent clouds (2011-Jul-09/10)

Noctilucent Clouds (NLC) on night of 9/10th July 2011 Photo by Sheri Karl     Click on image for larger view

[ See further NLC picture taken by Nick Bramhall over Westburn Park, Aberdeen ]

Mega Moon - largest full moon for ~20 years (2011-03-19)

Photo by Torcuill .Torrance. Click on Image for larger view
Taken using the Vixen ED103swt on GP-DX mount and Canon EOS-350D camera. Single shot, true colour


Owl Cluster in Cassiopeia -  NGC 457 / Caldwell 13 (undated)

Astro Photo by Torcuill .Torrance. Click on Image for larger view



Partial Solar Eclipse (morning of 4 Jan 2011)

Photo by Torcuill .Torrance, Newtonhill 


Iridium Flash (13 Mar  2010)


Photo by Christine Macmillan 

The Flash (or Flare as it is also known by) is caused by the reflection of the sun off the Iridium satellite's highly reflective solar panels.

A Starry Night Pro simulation uploaded to U-Tube ( ) shows the passage of the Iridium 96 satellite through Ursa Major at 2009-03-13 20:34hUT (along with two other satellites:  Iridium 91, following on almost the same track, and Cosmos 1833) as predicted by

NGC 6946 - Spiral Galaxy in Cygnus (20 Feb 2010)


Image by David Richards 

LRGB Colour Image ( L : 8 x 90s (C Filter), B : 8 x 90s, G : 5 x 60s, R : 5 x 60s 
(12" LX200 + ST-10XME)  [Larger Picture]

Lunar Partial Eclipse (31 Dec 2009)

Image by Torcuill Torrance taken with Canon EOS-350D
See Torc's movie sequence of frames taken at 30 sec intervals on U-Tube 
See More images of Partial Eclipse by   

M20 (Trifid Nebula) in Sagittarus (Jul 2009)

CCD Image of M20 (Trifid Nebula) in Sagittarus, Taken by D.Richards, 2009-07-02

Leo Triplet (M65,M66 and NGC3628).

Image by Torcuill Torrance, click on image for larger view.


Noctilucent clouds (2009-Jun-17/18/19)

Noctilucent Clouds from Newtonhill - 2009 June 17th/18th 
Photo by Torcuill Torrance, Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire. 
(Click on image for large view)
(See Video On UTube)


Noctilucent Clouds from  Banchory-Devenick - 2009-Jun-18  Photo by Andrew Phethean.    
(Click on image for large view)


The Owl Nebula, M97 (2009-Apr-22)

Planetary nebula in Ursa Major
Colour CCD Image by David Richards
2009-04-22 (Luminance), 2009-05-10 (RGB), ST-10XME / 12" LX200R, Total exposure time 28 mins (Full size image

See also Image of M97 and M108 taken by Torcuil Torrance


Noctilucent clouds (2008-Jun-19)

Picture by Torcuill Torrance from Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire. 2008-June-19. (click on image for larger scale picture)

Torc's pictures and a
5 MB video made there way onto the top story slot on the  June 23rd edition of and the 2008 Noctilucent Cloud Photo Gallery


Splinter Galaxy (NGC 5907 in Draco)  (2008-Mar-07)

CCD image by D.Richards,  4x 180s exposure



CCD Image of M51 (Canes Venatici)  taken through 8" LX200 / ST-7e, C filter, 2008-Feb-27
Picture by David Richards


Orion and adjacent sky

Photo by Torcuill Torrance, Stonehaven, 2008 (click on image for larger scale picture)


NGC 3184 (Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major)







CCD Image of NGC 3184 (Ursa Major)  taken through 8" LX200 / ST-7e, C filter, 2008-Feb-25. Picture by David Richards


Comet 8P/Tuttle (Jan 2008)







Approximate Colour Image of 8P/Tuttle taken through 8" LX200 / ST-7e, CBVR filters, 2008-Jan-07 
Picture by David Richards  [more images]

Comet 17P/Holmes (Oct-Dec 2007)







Animation of three CCD Images, taken on Oct 25th, 29th,30th (2007) showing 'explosive eruption' of Comet 17P/Holmes.
Picture by David Richards [more images]

Conjunction (2007-Oct-07)

Picture by Nick Bramhall. Taken with a tripod-mounted  Panasonic DMC-FZ7 digital camera from Nigg, Aberdeen. (Click on image for larger picture)


Noctilucent clouds (2007-Jun-28)

Picture by Rhona Paterson

Total Lunar Eclipse, 2007-Aug-28 (Australia)

Total Lunar Eclipse from Rochester, Victoria, Australia

Total Lunar Eclipse from Rochester, Victoria, Australia (2007-08-28).  Picture by Phil Hart. 
( More from Phil Hart's Lunar Eclipse Gallery )

Noctilucent clouds, 2007-Jun-28

Picture by Rhona Paterson

New Moon, 2007-Apr-18

David Richards


Total Lunar Eclipse, 2007-Mar-03 

Click on images for larger size picture


Darren Moody


David Richards


 John Reid



  Derek Ryan




Dave Couzin


Comet McNaught, 2007-January 

Comet McNaught  & Bennachie
Comet C/2006 P1 [McNaught] 
around 16:45 UT January 10th 2007 
(Picture by Derek Ryan, taken from 
Prop of Yythsie, near Tarves, Aberdeenshire)
[ More Pictures 1, 2, 3


Comet McNaught  from Down-Under
Comet McNaught, 
Picture by Phil Hart , Melbourne, Australia

 [ View more of Phil Hart's pictures of 
Comet McNaught 


Partial Lunar Eclipse, 2006-Sep-07 

Darren Moody


Partial Solar Eclipse, 2005-Oct-03

Darren Moody

Aurora, 2004-Nov

Phil Hart

Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart

Chris Bowden


Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, 2004-Nov

Chris Bowden

Comet Encke, November 2003

Phil Hart

Aurora Storm, 20th November 2003

Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart

Aurora Storm, 29th/30th October 2003

Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart

Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart Phil Hart
Paul Atherton Paul Atherton Paul Atherton Darren Moody Darren Moody
Jon Procee Jon Procee      

Lunar Images

aristoteles and valley alpes ed.jpg (17716 bytes) Dscf0011ed.jpg (21832 bytes) ksimpson1.jpg (15878 bytes) reiner2ed.jpg (12024 bytes) shickard1ed.jpg (16682 bytes)
Kevin Simpson Kevin Simpson Kevin Simpson Kevin Simpson Kevin Simpson
Torcuill Torrance      


JUPEDIT.jpg (30968 bytes)

Mars, Dave Richards

Mars, Phil Hart

Mars, Phil Hart

Jupiter, Kevin Simpson


M27, Dave Richards






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CCD Image of M51 (Canes Venatici)  taken 
through 8" LX200 / ST-7e, C filter, 2008-Feb-27
Picture by David Richards


Load Pending : (This is one frame from the 'must-see' Aurora Video (16 MB) )


All photographs on this website are the copyright of AAS members.  Please contact AAS before using them.